About the Invisible Labor Project

This site was created to raise the visibility of under-recognized workers. The project highlights some workers, but unfortunately cannot capture all the great stories out there or the contributions that many workers make to the city of New York. I hope others will feel free to pick up where this site leaves off.

To cover this topic from a couple of angles, this multimedia project includes videos, photos, a print article, and a resources page. The videos profile workers in New York City, the photo slideshow displays New Yorkers acknowledging the strangers who work make their day easier, and the print article reports on unions and nonprofit organizations working to bring dignity to workers. Meanwhile, the resource page aggregates stories by other writers around the web that have addressed this topic. For information about labor organizations, please see the bookmarks section in the sidebar. On occasion, I’ll post additional information on the blog about statistics, labor related events or conferences, rallies, personal stories, and a behind the scenes look of the making of this site. Enjoy, and thank a stranger today for their work!


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