Monthly Archives: June 2014

Reporter Reflections

During the course of creating this website and reporting the stories, there were two big surprises for me. First, I knew I wanted to name this project “Invisible Labor,” but I started to think creatively about other titles assuming the domain name would already be taken. I was looking for a title that would serve as a good frame for workers’ stories… Read more →

A Poem for Workers

In 2006, I produced a poetry show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe called Raise the Wage. Through the spoken word group Poetic People Power, I commissioned Jonathan Walton to create this poem for workers. The poem, eight years later, remains relevant.   River of Currency by Jonathan Walton P3 – Raise the Wage from Poetic People Power on Vimeo. Read more →

CEO Pay vs. Average Worker

The AFL-CIO has a creative, interactive website – Executive Paywatch –  that shows the huge gaps between CEO pay and the wages of average workers. In 2013, CEOs made 331 times the pay of their workers. In a fun, accessible way, the website includes stories from workers, demographics, and lets you compare your salary to CEOs. An interactive graph also… Read more →