New York's Overlooked Workforce

Every day as New Yorkers rush through their busy routines, they pass individuals whose work is often overlooked, dismissed, or unseen. Yet these workers help people get through their day and help the city run. As the city celebrates its leaders in business, technology, and the arts, countless hard-working New Yorkers are not recognized for their contributions. This project shines a spotlight on these workers and their stories.

Reporter Reflections

During the course of creating this website and reporting the stories, there were two big surprises for me. First, I knew I wanted to name this project “Invisible Labor,” but I started to think creatively about other titles assuming the domain name would already be taken. I was looking for a… Read more →

A Poem for Workers

In 2006, I produced a poetry show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe called Raise the Wage. Through the spoken word group Poetic… Read more →


If you are looking to stay up-to-date on labor issues but don’t always have time to read long articles, I… Read more →